Monday, July 18, 2005

What I did on my days off....

OK. For a while there, I was maintaining 2 knitting projects at once. One for travel (the Bar-8 socks) and one for home (the Flame Cardi). Well. Then, as we all know, I finished the Flame Cardi. So I needed another project.

And, remember? We all voted? Well - here it is - the cuff of the Tilted Jacket. I love the yarn ( Emmanuella Merino Wool from Goddess Yarns) and the pattern is fun.

cuff tilted Posted by Picasa

But, then, I had Friday off, and visited the Fiber Loft in Havard. I've been having trouble deciding what to knit my Sockapaltwoza pal - mostly because she really didn't give me any guidance. She gave me her foot size, but no detail on what colors or type of sock she likes. I was going to go with wild colors, but then, got worried that she wouldn't wear them. Therefore, I'm going with some calm colors, and a fun toe up sock pattern called See Saw Socks from Knit Net. Here is the start:

beginning sock pal socks Posted by Picasa

Finally - I also took a class on Saturday at the World in Stitches. My Butterfly girls convinced me to take this class. I wasn't totally convinced that I would like this 'Beaded Shawlette' - but it is a BLAST to make! The technique makes it so you don't have to pre-string the beads... and the pattern is fun! I'm actually close to finishing mine. It was very hard to get a decent picture:

beaded shawl Posted by Picasa

I'm even considering making the smaller size for my Stepmother for her birthday. We shall see.

Tomorrow I'm back at work - but this little time off was really great. I slept in really late this morning, read my book some, did a lot of knitting and never got out of my PJ's. I'm ready to conquer the world! Well, maybe after another night of sleep.



Most excellent knitting! How does one knit with beads without pre-stringing them all??????? And the sock looks lovely. You knit SO fast I'm sure your sock will speed right by mine shortly ;)


Wow! That's going to be a spectacular shawl. The beading, the lovely purple colorway....I can't wait to see a pic of it finished.

Oh, and here's to knitting in PJs! :)


So are you on the third band of beads? Have you had to start the second skein of yarn yet?


The Sockapal2za socks look good. I didn't leave any guidance for my sock pal because I'm always so amazed at what people come up with that I wanted to leave her options open. I'm sure she'll love them.


Everything sounds and looks good! If not great! Nope it's great! I'm positive of that.

Love the sock colors, neutral but still fun.