Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Hi, I'm the girl who screws up Hamburger Helper.

Last night, Aaron was at work late, so I decided to make myself the good old standby, Hamburger Helper. I called Amanda, tempted her with the yummy junk food dinner. She hopped in her car, and we were ready for a Girl's Night. Alas, when she arrived, I was in the middle of the all important 'add stuff to the cooked hamburger' and managed to add the water, but forget the milk. The Much Anticipated Hamburger Helped got a little burned, and tasted WAY to salty.

Sigh. I made up for it with some left over Lemon Cake.

Not much interesting knitting to blog about, although I am very close to finishing the Beaded Shawlette, you couldn't really tell the difference from a picture.

I will say, that I am planning on contributing a square to the blanket for Kerstin.



Well hey at least it wasn't fish sticks! You know just when we think something is so easy it goes haywire.


OK, so when are you coming in Wednesday or Thursday? What Hotel? What classes? I can't wait, only 20 days! Man, I've got to stop spending all my money!


I don't do the banquets, the designer one has all the items they show at Market, so no need there. The student one is good, but does tend to go long, bring knitting to do. And bring your finished items to wear in the fashion show. I will email you my cell phone # so you can call me if you want to meet up.