Friday, July 15, 2005

Completed Flame Cardi!

Well, here she is, my finished Flame Cardi. Only thing I don't love about it is the way the zipper bumps out in the middle - makes me look like I have more of a gut than I already do. I'm going to work on fixing that, but couldn't resist throwing up a picture of this done!

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Here are the details:
Based on the Flame Stitch Cardigan from Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer 2005
Yarn: Marks and Kattens Bomull
Needles: Size 5 throughout.

I basically just used the pattern in Vogue Knitting as a guideline. I had to rework the whole thing first for a size change (the largest size given in the pattern was 41"). I then decided to make the bottom ribbing 3' instead of 6". My NEXT change was to make the back solid instead of the Flame stitch. I then increased the length to the armpit up to 15 inches, and the chest I increased to 12.

Since I'm not a fan of cap sleeve shaping, I turned it into a drop shoulder sleeve. I also adding ribbing to the edges of the sleeves - I thought it would look neater. And the final change was the zipper - the pattern called for buttons.

Phew. This was a learning experience knitting this sweater for sure. I really liked the stitch pattern, but the sizes were way too small. I needed to really use my knitting muscle to get this sweater to work for me, and in the end - I like the results!

Next up - maybe more than one thing.....

*details to follow*



It looks great! I love the color and the changes you made to the design. The zipper is a bit funky, but I"m sure you'll get the kinks out of it so it will lay flat.


The zipper should steam out, I would think.

Why don't you get on IM so we can all chat?


gosh it's lovely! Love the flame pattern. I'm sure you can fix the zipper, although my opinion is that you think it looks worse than it does ;) - sara


I learned to scrunch the fabric slightly while sewing in a zipper. If you flatten the fabric too much it stretches it and causes the bumps. But that's just my theory.
It looks great! I must finish mine now.


You go Girl!.....flame cardigan looks fantastic, you are so clever with all the changes you made, it surely is an original.


The background is beautiful, where is the picture taken Cece?


Very interesting.