Friday, July 08, 2005

Sangria Knit Night

Well, last night started off with me having a minor meltdown about work/being out of shape/life, (considering I've been working loads of hours with no end in sight, and because if that I have no time to work out out and when I DO have time to work out, I'm so drained I want to just sit on my ass). But, hey, that is nothing that 50 servings of Sangria can't cure! (After Susan noted that 100 servings was too many for the 5 of us, I decided to cut the recipe in half)

sangria Posted by Picasa

We were wimps and weren't able to finish the whole bowl. But I have enough left over to get me through the weekend of work and Mother in Law! Heh Heh.

It was an interesting night, in which most of us actually KNIT. Usually when we get together to knit, we do more gossiping than knitting. Well, Laurie actually finished a scarf:

scarf Posted by Picasa

And Susan was working on a Multidirectional Diagonal Scarf - which I thought was pretty cool. When I'm scarf inspired again, I may pick that one out.

Sooz Posted by Picasa

For my knitting, I'm about half done with my final sleeve on Flame. Again, not picture worthy. But I have made a deal with Rebekah to start on the cover sweater of IK winter 2004 in August! I loved that sweater the minute I saw it and already have the yarn. Gooodie! I love doing sweaters with other bloggers I know. Like right now, Chris and I are both making Flame, and she is making it in an off white color.

As for my meltdown, hopefully, after this weekend, when my project at work goes live, I'll be able to regain a bit of my sanity. Right now, I'm holding on by a thread!



Luckily there's lots of thread (string, yarn) in your house to hold on to! I'm glad a mini-end is in's really hard when you're pulled in too many directions like that. Knit, knit on...Sara