Thursday, July 07, 2005


That is what I was going to name the title of the post even before I listened to NPR this morning. I'm not going to go on my soapbox here, but I really hope that these bombings in London aren't the start of more violence. And my thoughts and prayers go out to the people going through this.

The peace I was thinking of is peace in my home! Aaron's father has been here visiting us for about a month. He has been in and out, traveling for business, but for the last 2.5 weeks, he has been here. And honestly, I love having him visit. But, it's a 3rd adult in the house - and just makes things 'different'. This morning, he got on a flight back to Shanghai, China (that is where he lives), and for now, I'm happy for the peace. In about a week, we'll be wishing he was back. He is a great resource for all sorts of stuff, and a fun guy. We got a lot of major house projects done with him here!

All that being said - tonight, I DRINK! I'm having my girlfriends over for a little knitting party for the first time in about a month. I'm making a vat of Sangria, a little bit of cheese fondue, and we'll be eating it in the finished Dining Room. I'm not taking pictures to show you guys until the curtains are up - but it is just fabulous.

Then, this weekend, Aaron's mother visits. With his 18 month old niece and brother. The peace is disrupted again - but I'll be working all day on Saturday, so won't be home to notice.

Sigh. I need a real vacation.

In knitting news, nothing picture worthy. I have started the second Bar-8 Sock (which really needs a better name), and that is about it.



Yes we all definitely need peace, especially after today.

Hope your FIL journey back to China is a safe one.


Okay, sounds like fun! To start the same project. But first the shawl. So I'm guessing I'll start it sometime in August. What colors are yours?


I probably have the exact same colors because I tried to get the same colors too. I chose them from their fall color grouping.


I hope you don't think we're going to drink 100 servings of Sangria. I'd be sleeping it off in your living room.