Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Loooong Weekend

We sure had a great (but busy!) long weekend here! After I got back from my trip to Maine, Aaron and his father got loads of stuff done on the house. The biggest ticket item was installing an attic fan - it is just amazing. Cools off the whole house in seconds. My mother also came to visit yesterday, which was nice, as she just returned from a trip to Sweden, and I got to hear all about it.

I neglected to show you all my finished sock! Here is the first Bar-8, all finished and sitting on a rock in my garden. The color is a bit washed out - but I love the way they turned out. It'll be worth it to trudge through making the second one (those cables are VERY time consuming!).

finished sock Posted by Picasa

I did some more knitting (and actually some quilting, but not showing that until it's finished) this weekend. The knitting was on my Flame Cardi - and I am getting dangerously close to finishing! I finished a sleeve last night... only one to go and then the collar! Not really picture worthy, though.

The other fun I had this weekend was taking the dogs swimming. Since they are boxers - it doesn't really come naturally, with all there muscle, they sink! But Abby loves it. Here they are, right after we got home. I think they like each other, don't you!

pooped pups Posted by Picasa

That's all for today - off to work for the first time in 5 days. Yuck.



The socks are beautiful, but those pups are too cute for words. Oh how I would like to be snuggled up there with them, they look so comfy. But then my Abner would be jealous.



I've got to tell you that the attic fan in our house (we live on a second floor) is the saving grace to living on a second floor. If it weren't for that fan, I would have moved out long ago.

Hope you enjoy the lovely cool breeze! Cute doggies, too.



Hi CeCe

Thanks so much for the most generous offer. What type of Aussie wool are you interested in? I am going to put a link on my blog to your blog I hope that is OK with you. I really enjoy reading your blog, we have some other things in common, we have bought another home (last august), built in 1973/74, and in need a desperate makeover, it is our retirement plan as we hope to pay it off in 15years then do major renovations as we retire. We have put a new kitchen in and put new gyprock on the loungeroom/dining room and painted most of the rest of the house, still have a lot of work to do. But it is in a beautiful area and we love it. Send me your address by email: stitchnbitchn@yahoo.com.au
Catch up soon.


Flame is looking good! Love them pups.


Oh, what a beautiful sock! I love the color, and I love the cables. It looks perfectly at home in your garden, too.