Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Watch out! An FO!

As I was scrolling around my blog the other day, I noticed that I haven't been finishing much stuff lately (especially sweaters!). Ah well, that's what you get when you work full time, get a new house and have a little puppy.

Good news is - I have finished the Pinwheel baby blanket! And it's is WAY in advance of the baby's birth (August). Here it is before washing and blocking:

finished pinwheel Posted by Hello

I like the way the stripes have made it look more 'manly' for the little baby boy. It's really only big enough to be a car seat or stroller blanket - but that is what I was picturing making anyway.

In other news, last night I played with my knitting friends. We had dinner and then got to see what everyone bought at the Patternworks sale last Friday. Those girls can SHOP! I wish I had brought my camera, because it was insane the amount of yarn those gals scored. I told them that I definitely need to be mentioned in everyone's will, since there is NO WAY they will outlive their stash! And, even though I didn't go myself, I got some stash additions also. I'll show those later.




Can I knit like you when I grow up?




Gorgeous! Now I have to make one like that for my coworker!

Very nice work.


I love it! Where's the pattern from? Guess it's easy to reproduce, just YO's?


The blanket is very nice, and it sounds like it's a great size. Something that's not to big to lug around and is practical.


what a great pattern! I love it


I just love your pinwheel and I think you figured out the best way to do this pattern - using inexpensive yarn and varying the stripe to vary the monotony. I am doing my pinwheel all in one color and finding it slow going at the end. I was thinking that if I did another one I would get a pretty colorway, but now I think that I would follow your lead and get a bunch of different colors and go stripey!
Great job.