Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Two socks diverge* in Cece's window box...

Lame title, I know.

Anyway - wanted to show off the two socks I've been working on. The one on the left is the Bar-8 Cable sock out of my SP5 sock yarn that I talked about before. I'm going to read a bit about cabling without a cable needle before I pick that up again!

The one on the right is the sock I'm test knitting for Kristi. I haven't made an ankle sock in a while - so quick! Add on that the gauge of the fixation is 6 sts to the inch, and I'm in instant gratification heaven! The picture is taken after about 4 hours of knitting:

reclining socks Posted by Hello

This week at work has been totally insane. I have a HUGE project going live in less than 2 weeks, and leading a training class for 40+ people begining of next week. Hello stress, how you doin'?

* spelling edited for the smartass who pointed it out (I'm assuming Amanda!)



great socks!

the important question - how's your foot????

and henry-dude?



Very nice socks, I really like both of them quite a bit!


sorry to hear about the upcoming stress :(

nice socks though!


diverage. that is a new one. is that like dive-rage, like an angry diver, or is it more like a word to describe diving supplies in a valley girl kind of way? (bead stuff would be 'beadage', knitting stuff would be 'yarnage', surfing stuff would be 'surfage')...
just wondering.