Friday, June 10, 2005

Thank god it's Friday -

Only two working days left! Wish I was kidding! Sigh - by next week, things should be calmed down. Plus - I will be running a training class in Chicago Mon - Weds, so maybe people won't find me there?


Anyway, Bernie, my father in law, is coming home from China tonight. He lives there full time, and comes home about 2 times a year. Since he has sold his house in the States, when he comes here, he usually stays near us. That was because our old house was super tiny, only one bedroom. Well, now that we have 4 bedrooms, he is staying with us! And therefore, not much knitting got done yesterday. We were picking up and getting his room ready.

But - I do have things to show. First, ever see those tee shirts that say "My mom went to Florida and all I got was this stupid tee shirt?" Well, My shirt would say, "My friends went to the Patternworks sale, and got me this awesome stash!".

Before dinner with the girls Monday, I had stopped at Woolpack, and picked up some more felting yarn (yes, a little obsessed with the Sophie), and Sooz brought me this great wonderful yarn for a scarf!

yarn Posted by Hello

Then, the fabric (which I'm already envisioning a baby quilt and or a cool bag). Notice all the fish fabric!

fabric Posted by Hello

Oh. And a little ankle progress report. It still looks like a 'cankle' (you know, when old lady's have such fat ankles that the calf muscle just appears to blend into the foot?) by the end of the day, but Aaron and I got on the motorcycles last night and rode around for a few hours. Good way to cool off in this crappy heat! Little twinges when I shift sometimes, but MUCH improved.



Glad to hear your ankle is doing better!


Oh have a great visit, I love visits. They are almost like a vacation, but yet yo udon't have to drive anywhere.

Glad the ankle's healing.


Hope the cankle is back to "morman" soon! Lovely stuff.