Monday, June 27, 2005

The Black Hole of Knitting

Stephanie has been talking about the void of knitting that some projects go into. I have also seen this, and I must say that it is a 'lace thing'. I once made a lace tee shirt - I think it took me 2 full summers! Thankfully, it came out great, and I love it and wear it a lot. Otherwise, I may have wanted to shoot myself for how long it took to finish!

Flame is starting to get to be that way. I knit on it SOLID this weekend. I could easily say that I spent 10 hours knitting... and I made it about 10 inches. I know that the progress is deceptive, as I'm knitting the fronts and back at the same time, but COME ON!

2 inches to go  Posted by Hello

Plus, I still have the issue of not having enough yarn. I have about 5 balls left at this point, and I really don't think I'm going to make it. My LYS promised to order me more, but haven't heard anything about it... maybe I'll order online tonight.

Other things are going better. I didn't really tell what the 'personal' problem was, but I did have dinner with that person, and although things are still a little strained, I do think we'll be ok in the long run.

Aaron's father is in town, and they are doing a HUGE amount of work on the house - which is awesome. They fixed the pressure pump for our well and the outside water, wired cable to the sun porch (yippie!), planed doors that were rubbing and got the air conditioner in the living room window (another yippie!). They have plans of putting in a attic fan, a ceiling fan in our bedrooom and whose knows what else! It's great getting these things done that Aaron and I were unsure of doing.

Ok - off to work....