Saturday, June 25, 2005

My Motorcycle

Since there isn't much knitting going on at Chez FiberFish, I thought I'd distract you by a picture of me on my motorcycle. Funny, when I first started thinking about getting a motorcycle, I always pictured myself on a cruiser. But here I am on my second sports bike! It a Suzuki SV 650S and I love it:

motorcycle Posted by Hello

Life right now is a little crappy. I have a few personal things going on right now that are making me sad, and I just got a call from my manager that they need me to be on-call tomorrow. I'm just really bummed.



Sorry for the bad stuff, try to focus on the good stuff and take care. Smooch the Pooch for me!


My husband has lately been amazed by how many women he sees riding their own bikes. Why this amazes him I'm not sure, but it does. Anyway, cool bike, sorry for the bad. One day I'm sure it will get better.


Yay! Another knitter/motorcyclist!! Sorry 'bout the crappy stuff. Take care.


hey man sorry about the bad stuff but at least u got ur bike and thats definatly gotta be ur second love, dont stress things will work themselves out