Thursday, June 23, 2005

I'm going to Stitches Midwest!

So, I've been thinking about going to this for a while. Since I'm in Chicago so often for work, I figured I could somehow pull off both going to Stitches Midwest, and working, but I wasn't sure. Today, I just decided to sign up, and let the chips fall where they may. If I can go for work and get them to pay for the flight, great, if not, I'll get some cheap Southwest ticket. And, I don't have to pay for a hotel, because I can stay with Aaron's grandparents!

Although the cost of the 'Works' package that I got puts me on a severe yarn diet.

Want to know what I signed up for? I know you do!

Thurs: Smile and Say Picot (I always want to do this as a cast on for socks, but screw it up)
Friday: Seamless Arans (with Beth Brown-Rinsel, LOVE HER)
Saturday: An Overture to Estonian Lace (hey, it is the summer of lace, right?)
Sunday: Finishing: The Grand Finale (I really want to learn more about mattress stitch and other finishing methods)

Chris - we HAVE TO MEET IN PERSON. I know you mentioned before that you were going to Stitches Midwest.



Drat, I am not in any of those classes! We will have to meet, maybe for lunch on Fri/Sat. I am staying across the street, will check the hotel name, I have it somewhere!


Drat I'm so incredibly jealous. Well I'm sure you'll have a fabulous time. One year I hope to coincide our anniversary trip with Stitches. If only it could be the same weekend as the Air Show and I'd be set Nick could do that, I could Stitch.