Sunday, June 19, 2005

Happy Sunday

So - I thought this was going to be the first weekend in a while that I got both Saturday and Sunday off. My office called yesterday, and I needed to log in this morning... sigh. This has to end soon or more people than just me are going to be totally burned out. Thankfully, it was a quick thing I had to do, and I still had time to do a few 'normal' weekend things.

First, I finished the second Heatwave sock:

finished heatwave Posted by Hello

I used Cascade Fixation, with size two needles, and the 64 stitch pattern. Loved it!

Then, today, Abby, Henry and I met our friend Lola (a Great Dane) in the park. Laurie (from my 'Butterfly' knitting group) is her mom - and we really wanted them to meet in person, so Lola could come over to visit every once in a while. If you can't tell, they got along great:

Lola and Henry Posted by Hello

It's a little disturbing to have a dog staring at you at eye level, but she is a sweetie!

The rest of my day is going to be spent painting the vanity in the bathroom. Yep, I'm a ton of fun. Heh heh.



ohmigod, lola is a BABE!!!


You ought to see her when she runs....she's SOOO gorgeous. But I'm biased since I AM the Dog Mom.



Your heatwave socks look great! I love that colorway too :-)

Thanks again!


There's that sweet puppy! I would love to be able to feed him treats, send him over.


The socks are gorgeous!

I'm with you, I'm a bit unsure of a dog that big. They are usually gentle giants though.


Love, love, love the socks. But the dogs, oh my goodness, could they be any cuter? I mean really, it's disgusting how cute they are.