Friday, June 17, 2005

Miss me?

Well, I'm back! After a week of insane work stress, I made it to Friday. And this is a REAL Friday - as I don't have to work this weekend! Yippie!

But, let's get back to what I did knit last week, but wasn't able to show off. First, a finished Heatwave sock. This is the one I was test knitting for Kristi - it's a great pattern - easy to memorize lace design! The second one is on the needles now.

heatwave Posted by Hello

Then, here is the felted bag I made with the yarn that my SP5 sent. I love the 'magic' of felting - but haven't done any in a while. I decided on the Sophie pattern which is another great design (and easy!). Here is the picture pre-felting:

before Posted by Hello

And after:

after Posted by Hello

I used a little more than one skein of Lamb's Pride worsted... I'll use the rest for felted flowers, I think!

Tonight, Amanda is coming over, and we'll catch up. I think it's almost been 2 weeks since I've seen her last... which is long for us. The rest of the weekend, no plans. And I'm really looking forward to that!



Glad you're home safe. Did the puppy miss you?


Wow -- gorgeous socks! I love the colors!


The Sophie looks great! So glad you liked the yarn I sent! --SP5