Friday, May 06, 2005

Watch out Maryland....

Here comes Cece!

I have packed the bare essentials, assuming I'll be filling up my bags on my 29 hour whirlwind tour. Shown here is my overnight bag with a change of clothes, deodorant and a toothbrush - and my new 'MD Sheep and Wool blogger' knitting bag with an almost finished Charlotte's Web and the tools to start making my Pie Are Squared shawl:

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See you there!



I am sooo jealous! 3 of my friends from here are headed there, but I am doing the TGKA Convention in June and the Stitches Midwest thing in August and couldn't justify one more trip. Maybe next year.
Thanks for being a level head and trying to smooth things over. You're a peach!
What, where's Flame? Isn't she going?


Hey CeCe!

Char looks gorgeous. I saw you starting that at Ethnic I.

We'll be at the hotel (I'm not sure I'm up for going into B-more), so give a buzz when you get in if you want to have a beer at the hotel. Or maybe we can meet for breakfast!

See you there. Cate