Sunday, May 08, 2005

Maryland tales, part one

First, it must be said - what an awesome time! I got the meet a bunch of new people, the weather was perfect, and there were SHEEP. AND WOOL!

I can't start the story without giving a mention to my wonderful husband. I had forgotten my digital camera (bloggers nightmare) and since he was working from home that day, volunteered to drive it over to my office. Of course, I think a big factor in him agreeing to come was his mode of transportation:

hero Posted by Hello

Then, after a 2 hour delay at the airport, getting a little turned around on the highway in my tiny rental car, and a breakfast at the hotel - we arrived! Turns out that the most important thing to do FIRST is to stand in line for the t-shirts. This is not something I would have normally done first - but bloggers who had been there in years past warned of the good stuff being gone fast. Cate entertained us by spinning CAMEL fiber while we waited:

cate Posted by Hello

After the t-shirts were obtained, we shopped. We ate. We met a bunch of other bloggers.... and then, we took a break and hung out with some sheep:

sheep Posted by Hello

Tomorrow I will show pictures of all the wonderful things I bought - I didn't go over the top - but was able to find some great stuff I had never seen before.



Is that last picture what you brought home?? Glad to hear it was a great visit. Did you see any lost Indiana girls? I can't wait to hear what they and you brought home.


hey cece! sorry we lost you after our food purchase! i turned around and (like it seemed to happen with everyone else all weekend!) you were gone!! worse than Disney World in July! but it really was great meeting you!! i'll bookmark your blog!


hi cece. It was great meeting you! Thanks so much for your help with the twins.


cute! You lucky girl! That rocks that you got to go the sheep and wool festival... it sounds like so much fun