Wednesday, May 04, 2005

So glad I moved out of the city!

OK. Life in my little suburban neighborhood it TOTALLY insane right now. A woman living on the next street over was attacked and raped just a few hours ago! There are policemen stomping through our yards, and helicopters circling around. This is too scary. I can't even believe that this is going on. I feel all tense - my stomach is knotted up. I'm upset that the minute I move into a neighborhood, the first violent crime in 15 years occurs.... and, of course, I feel heartbroken for the poor woman.

Sigh. Thankfully, I'm leaving the house in a few minutes for quilt class. Funny thing is - we moved out here when life in Boston was getting to 'unsafe' for Aaron's liking.

Here is a picture (as promised) of the finished baby blanket. I think it's pretty great. Note that the picture was taken inside. I'm not risking meeting up with this crazy attacker in my backyard for the sake of a blog picture.

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THANK YOU!!!! I have re-written my greedy entry for today, to share the experience of giving my 3 yo her first taste of Sour Patch Kids. Tee-hee!
Thanks again, what a cheery package. I saw it as we pulled away to run errands this afternoon and couldn't wait to get home to post pictures...


I really like the blankie! Great job! I just finished a blankie for my friend's baby that's due next month. Unfortunately, I gave it to her today at her shower and didn't take a picture!!
I really enjoyed having you as a SP4. Stay safe and lock your doors!



Oh my, do be cautious. Do you have a garage you come into at night. I am always afraid someone will enter it as I close the door. It doesn't pay to watch murder mysteries sometimes. Prayers are with you tonight and until this guy is caught.


Have you seen this bloggers progress on Flame Stitch? Good tips.