Monday, May 09, 2005

Talking about Maryland, and a bit of knitting

So. No pictures to post today, but I have a few things to post about that I learned at Maryland.

1. I'm shy. I really didn't think I was - but when presented with a HUGE crowd of bloggers who all appear to know each other - I got all nervous and clamed up. I was transported back to high school - where I was wondering if I was 'cool' or not. I ended up retreating from the crowd and hung out with Sara and Cate.
2. Still not interested in spinning. Phew.
3. Sheep still make me laugh.
4. The best parts about events like this (besides making new friends) is getting to see things that you would normally not get at your LYS (I'll show that to you soon - once the sun comes out for decent pictures!)
5. It is stupid, after spending much $$$ on yarn, to get to the airport about 4 hours early, and NOT get on the earlier flight because it will cost you another $40. Thankfully, I called Aaron, and realized the error of my ways, and was in my house in MA before my original flight would have even left the ground in MD. Der.

Sunday, Aaron and I got the hardwood for the dining room. That is the next big indoor project... and also went on a date to the movies - saw the new Triple X movie. It was 'OK'. I got some more knitting done on the Flame cardi, as I have a desire to wear that sweater at a party this week - I have my doubts it'll be finished.

This week - the big excitement is that we are getting our new puppy on Friday! Getting ready for our lives to be turned upside down by a little 8 week old dog... maybe it won't be as bad as a remember....




No need to be shy, hehehe. Blogging is a nice way to find friends among good quality people. My main blog is in Esperanto, and even there I found many friends (I preffer to express my thoughts in a NEUTRAL language, hehehe).


Glad you had a great time, what no sheepies came home with you. Surely the puppy would like a friend. What breed, I love puppies! Just not their dribbles. Can't wait to see the pics of your stash.


Hey - we're practically co-commenting on each other's blogs! It was great to meet you and really chat -

I keep thinking of stuff I wish I had brought home though ;)

Post puppy pics promise! Sara


It was lovely to meet you...
can't wait to see the pupster pics!


it was great to meet you, and now to have found your blog. i looked at that sweater kit and loved the one in blue -- can't wait to see pix when you're done.


ps i think you're way cool. but what do i know, i'm definitely a geek....