Wednesday, May 04, 2005

My favorite things

So. I have knitting news, but no pictures. Aaron has been sickly the last couple of days, and I've been having trouble getting my butt out of bed (hopefully I'm not catching it!) so my normal morning blog time has been cut short. I still have stash to show off from my WEBS trip, 2 ROAKs from my Butterfly friends, and the finished baby blanket.

But! I'm made LOTS of progress on my Charlotte's Web shawl - I'm on the final color stripe! Took me a little bit to get the rhythm of the pattern, but now I'm really enjoying knitting it, and can understand why so many people in blogland have made this shawl. I'll try to take a picture tonight. I need to decide what sort of edging I'm going to put on it - the pattern calls for crochet. Blech.

I've enjoyed reading other people's favorites list, so I wanted to give mine:

1. Riding motorcycles with Aaron (our gang!), Cooking with Aaron (OK - and loads of other things with Aaron, let's just say I like hanging out with the guy).
2. The sound of rain hitting the roof.
3. Car, motorcycles, boots, shoes, purses, dog collars (ANYTHING) with flames. If it ALSO has a purple background - it's that much better.
4. Swimming in a lake
5. Knitting nights with friends.
6. Dogwalks
7. Afternoon tea (the whole deal, the little sandwiches, scone and clotted cream!)
8. Going to the movies
9. Breakfast in bed (actually breakfast anywhere - it's my favorite meal)
10. The color green that the world turns in the early spring

I'll try and get some pictures posted tonight... but that may not happen - because I have my quilt class. We'll see.



It's true, that green isn't going to work. But I really want that yellow, we'll see. I was wondering why I am so bad at choosing colors for knitting, when I got accolades for doing it with qulting? But then realized that quilting has a much better range of colors, since you are using any 100% cotton fabric. Most yarn lines do not have that depth and therefore my choices are limited. And therefore I suck when trying to place colors. I like you list. Harley fan? We(Hubster) has a Sportster 1200. But he wants anything bigger he can get!!