Saturday, May 28, 2005

Pinwheel Blanket

I'm making that pinwheel blanket for my friend at work - and it's a blast to make. He knows that his wife is having a boy - and asked for blue. I got some baby weight yarn on sale at TWIS - total of 12 bucks for this blanket!

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I think the stripes look cool.

So, my mom is here visiting for the weekend - of to entertain, and maybe do a bit of gardening.



Number 1 - I think I may begin to dislike you intesely...isn't this the yarn you BOUGHT on Tuesday? And you have THAT much done?

Number 2 - Wow, that looks really cool.

I'm such a wuss.


So where do I find the pattern for this? It's too cool.


I love it, outside in or inside out?


Very nic, the colors are perfect for a boy.


Love the blanket. I have to second the question as to where to get that pattern. It would be great for some of the baby gifts I I need to make!