Tuesday, May 31, 2005

I fell down.

Last night, this puppy needed to pee:

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So I picked him up and ran down these stairs:

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(See how that last step is wobbly and bigger than the others?)

Which resulted in this:

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While growing up, my friends and family used to joke around that I was 'awkward on land'. A national level swimmer, on the first boat on the crew team, and captain of the water polo team. When it came to any 'land-based' activities, I tended to fall down.

This has not gone away as I've gotten older. Last night, while trying to run down the back steps to take out the puppy, I stumbled, fell down, and twisted my ankle pretty severely. It hurts. A lot.

So, I'm sitting here in my knitting chair, taking a day off of work, with my ankle elevated and iced.

In addition, I have no super exciting knitting to report. I've done a lot on the baby blanket - you can't really see it in a picture. Maybe I'll finish it while I'm laid up, and will be able to show you a picture.

Before I did my ankle damage - Aaron and I got a LOT of work done this weekend. The gardens are all planted (including window boxes), trees were trimmed, and we FINALLY hung our pictures on the walls in the living and bedroom. Feels good to have accomplished so much.

Off to make some hot cocoa or other such warm, comforting beverage.



Oh ouch! I would love to see what Abner would do at a soccer game, of course as my husband pointed out it would probably end up with all of us being detained.

So far Abner hasn't popped a soccer ball yet, well except his first one from Walmart. He's popped several basketballs though. So far with the Size 5 Soccer Balls he can't get his teeth quite deep enough to pop. We'll see though he's only had these last balls a week.


Ack! I'm so sorry! Toby just got out of one of those braces. At least you can take it off and take a shower is all I can say, LOL. Hopefully it'll heal quickly and completely - and chalk up the "lost" time to gained knitting time. Ackity ack! Sara www.glbt-knit.com/saras


Sorry to hear you are laid up, but think of the knitting! We still have pics to put BACK up in the kitchen. I hate that part.


Ouch! So sorry about the ankle. If it makes you feel any better, I'm awkward on land as well and trip over shadows.. or my own two feet. Hope it heels quickly!


Ouch! There are easier ways to get time off.


oh dear!

I sympathize, though...I seem to fall down a lot too! And up sometimes...as in, falling UP stairs...