Monday, May 16, 2005

Finished Object!

As promised, a somewhat off-center picture of the blocking Charlotte's Web. I'm going to take the pins out tomorrow (maybe even wear it!) - but wanted to show it all pinned out. You can't really see the beaded edges well, I'll try for a better picture of that when it's off the bed.

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No knitting got done tonight - I actually have homework for my quilting class that I spent the evening working on. Nothing to show for 3 hours of work - because I've thrown away almost everything I've done. I guess sometimes we have nights like that.

And for those who have asked for more puppy pictures, here is what Henry was doing under the desk while I was sewing:

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He's still a sweetie! I could just give him puppy smooches!
Sorry about the quilting, been there, done that.
I actually worked on row of Flame, can you believe it? Ended up being busier than I thought at the shop today.


Charlotte: Lovely.
Henry: So freakin' cute.

That's all I have to say. :)


You know, with all the shawl photos out there in knitblogland, usually I go "hmm, pretty, I don't need one". But your Charlotte - wow. Yum.

and puppy too :) Sara


ack cuteness attack!