Sunday, May 01, 2005

Finished Dining Room (kind of)

Thought I'd give you a little before/after action. Here is the dining room on the day of our home inspection. Note the fabulous wallpaper, matching curtains, and the oh-so-tasteful light fixture. Sadly, that wasn't included in the sale.

Before Posted by Hello

Now, here it is after about a month of hard work:

after Posted by Hello

I'm loving how the colors turned out - and how awesome they go with the cool glass light I got to replace the old one. Unfortunately, we notice now that the mint green carpet needs to go. So, instead of totally finishing the room this weekend (and hanging up the groovy curtains that I made) we are pulling everything out of the room, and Aaron is going to put in hardwood floor. Makes sense, but a bit frustrating, because I was excited to have another finished room. What the heck was I thinking - that the mint green floor would somehow look BETTER with a nice red paint?! Sigh.

Coming tomorrow, exciting knitting news in which I show the following:
- a completed baby blanket
- a started Charlotte's Web Shawl

Yes - there will be horror pictures of cutting knitting. Not as scary as one would think, actually.



Love it, especially the light! I have Mission style hanging lamps in my dining and kitchen. I have Christmas in my living room, green carpet (hunter green) with red walls! But it works for us. Mint green would so not work for us.