Friday, April 29, 2005


I had so much trouble getting out of bed this morning - it's going to be a short post. First, last night Aaron and I got the first coat of color on the dining room walls. IT. LOOKS. AWESOME. I'm so happy - since you sometimes hear horror stories of people who pick a color that looks great on the paint chip, but horrible in the room. Pictures of that will come tomorrow, when the room is back together.

Here is the small amount of knitting I've been able to do this week. It's a Ruffle Ridge socks from IK Better-Than-Booties Baby Socks pattern. I have a HUGE amount of leftover socks yarn - and thought these would be a fun use for it. The foot looks kind of fat to me, though:

baby sock Posted by Hello

And then, I wanted to show the sweater that I'm planning on cutting up in my Ethnic Knitting class this weekend. This was a sweater that took me MONTHS to knit - and it's just sitting in my closet - so to the 'fix-it shop' it goes. I'm planning on cutting up the middle, and turning it into a cardigan. Also maybe doing something about the neck. We'll see.

cutting sweater Posted by Hello



Can't wait to see the color. We put red on our living room wall and before the furniture was back in place I was questioning my choice. But I love it now. Only 2 more rooms to paint over the white in our house, just waiting for time and money to do it.


You painted? *lip quiver*

I thought you were tiiiiired......

/mumble\ Stood up for rough is that....