Monday, April 25, 2005

What's behind door #1?

Why it's my unpacked and somewhat organized yarn room! This is one of the last BIG unpacking jobs that I had left, and I've been putting it off - I'd rather knit than unpack my stash. My wrist has been hurting the last few days, which is bad for knitting, but good for getting outstanding house stuff done.

Anyhoo - I've commandeered one of the bigger extra bedrooms for ME. Here is a shot of the wall with the Ikea shelving units to store my stash. And yeah, I realize now just how much yarn I do own!

yarn side Posted by Hello

On the other half of my room, I have my sewing machine and quilting stuff. That stash isn't anywhere near as out of control as the yarn:

quilt side Posted by Hello

And what is in that closet next to the sewing machine? We shall not talk of that closet. But I'll give you a hint. Inside is a box labeled:

box Posted by Hello



Your yarn collection is nice, but you need much more yarn to step into the dark side of yarn stash.