Thursday, April 28, 2005


Well, I apologize for not being around much this week. It's been crazy with lots of stuff going on. Aaron and I are still working on the dining room - we are so close to being done I can taste it. Last night Aaron put on the second coat of primer, so we'll be putting REAL COLOR on the walls tonight!! The plan is to finish painting by tomorrow night so we can get the room back together this weekend! I promise pictures!

My manager was here from Chicago, which always throws off the week...

And yesterday, I had to drive to CT to take care of my Mom for a bit. She woke up with a bad pain in her shoulder, and lots of redness in her arm. She went to the doctor, they sent her to the emergency room, and she was in a panic. (I think being a nurse makes it so she thinks worse case scenario most of the time). So, last night I did a 4 hour round trip drive for a 2 hour visit - but I think it made her feel better. They've told her it's either Lyme's disease or Cellulitis - which both are treated with the same type of medicine - so she should be fine (after the 21 days on the pills, of course).

Accordingly, not much knitting has been done this week. I did do a little on the baby blanket - but nothing noticeable or picture worthy. This weekend I have my last Ethnic Knitting Class. I'm planning on bringing a pullover sweater that I'm thinking about cutting down the middle and making into a cardigan! It's a sweater that I made for Aaron for Christmas last year that is too short on him, and too hot for 'normal' wear. Maybe by doing this fix, it'll make it wearable for one of us.

Oh, and in knitting related news, I sent off my SP4's final gift, and at the same time bought myself a little present. I'll show it off when it arrives.



You blew us off to paint?! What happened to being too tired?