Sunday, April 24, 2005

Feeling like home

When we moved into this house, we moved with most of our furniture. We had a bunch of other stuff in storage - because our previous house was a small rental lake cottage. This weekend, we made the trip and picked up our missing stuff - books, my old couch, some book shelves... and all of a sudden - this house of ours is feeling like home. We unpacked a few more boxes, and set up our 4 season porch - and even got the fooz ball table put together!

And yes, for those following the saga - we have one coat of primer up on the dining room walls. The walls were in pretty bad shape, so unfortunately we can't move right to the colored paint stage - we are going to have to do some more spackeling, and another coat of primer - but I feel like lots of progress has been made.

I got a lot of knitting done also, but nothing picture worthy (finished a repeat of the flame cardi, and close to where I was when I ripped out on the baby blanket) - so I will leave you with this. I love watching birds (not so much that I have a bird watching book and binoculars... but they make me smile when I see them at a bird feeder). So, here is a shot of the local birds at the bird feeder on our porch:

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