Tuesday, April 05, 2005

What makes a work trip bearable?

Returning home, with no airport delays, to TWO packages. After a pretty crappy trip (the reason that I went out to Columbus got taken off the agenda. That equaled two full days of misery. And, the fire alarm went off in our hotel last night at 11 PM, and we were stuck in the lobby for an hour while they tried to figure it out. GRRRRRRRRR). Anyway! The packages put a smile back on my face - they BOTH contain fiber goodness. The first one contains the two scarves I ordered from the Red Scarf Project. One for me (the Tilted One) and one for my stepmother (for mother's day). The second package has my kogiu for my Charlotte's Web shawl! I've wanted to make this for a while, but just had too many other projects going on. Here is the standard 'I got stuff' picture:

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Right now, I only have 4 projects going on, and that isn't too bad for me. Once I finish the scarf for Aaron's birthday, I'm going to cast on for this shawl. I also have the Fairisle Sweater, the Mariah cardi, and the Spearfish socks.

I made a lot of progress on my Spearfish socks - I'm to the toe shaping on the first one! I can't get a good picture - so I'll post more about that (with pictures) in the morning sun.