Sunday, April 03, 2005

I'm leaving on a jet plane

I have to go to Columbus, OH for work tomorrow. Blech.

I probably won't post again until I get home.

I had a fun weekend, though! Aaron and I did some wallpaper peeling and other various work around the house, we watched the Incredibles (VERY funny), I knit a bunch (started my Spreadfish socks, 54 inches of a 60 inch scarf done, and finally got back on track with my Fairisle sweater), and went to my Ethnic Folk Knitting class (where I got to say hi to Cate). Since the updates on the scarf and sweater aren't picture worthy (same thing, just bigger), I'll leave you with this picture of the beginning of the Spearfish socks:

Spearfish Posted by Hello

These socks are making the trip with me, so maybe I'll be done with one when I get home? Have a great couple of days!



Looking good, Cece!


:( I wish I had checked your site ealier. I could have aleast told you where to hit yarn stores in Columbus to make your trip a little more bearable. Hey if you find yourself having to come here again for work let me know. Columbus isn't that bad of a city... well there is that work thing.