Friday, April 15, 2005

Spring shot and quilting

Yesterday I was in Chicago FOR THE DAY. Gotta love when the travel is longer than the meeting you are traveling for.

Anyway - I was able to get a good swatch of the flame stitch, and make a plan for my sweater. Here is a shot of the swatch and the ribbing in my lame signs of spring. I don't have any blooming daffodils to show yet!

flame spring Posted by Hello

I'm about 2 inches into the ribbing, and I'm wondering if 6 inches of ribbing is going to be flattering for me. Fortunately, I'm spending the weekend in Portsmouth, NH on a quilting retreat with a bunch of my friends, and I know they can give me some opinions!

For the weekend, I'm planning on finishing up my squares for a new quilt for Aaron and my bed - the flannel one is starting to get a bit to warm!



Are you planning to do the ribbing and body as one, or separate like the pattern? I am doing mine together.