Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Delusions of...

Finishing the Flame Cardi from Vogue knitting before MD Sheep and Wool! I saw this sweater swatched on someone's blog, and knew it was for me. Here is my first swatch attempt (sitting next to some 'Aztec Elixir'. It's pure dark chocolate, ancho y chipotle chilies, ceylon cinnamon, maizena and Mexican vanilla bean, from my friend Laurie).

flame Posted by Hello

The pattern is written in a strange paragraph format, and each line is kind of broken up - making it hard to read. I'm going to need to re-type it or something - or a my lose my mind knitting it. And yes - I really need to swatch first, as the largest size in the pattern is only 41 inches across the chest - and that doesn't work for me!

Today's is Aaron's birthday, and we are off to an early birthday breakfast! Happy Birthday Babe!

Added later. Bogie on Knit Flix is having lots of trouble with this flame stitch pattern, so I'm thinking I'm just going to use the lace pattern and change the rest of the pattern to suit my needs. Maybe something like Chris is thinking of.



Oh, I love your color choice. I was trying to use up stash so had to go with the cream. Otherwise I would have chosen a coral Cotton Classic.


Oh, I just read in your profile you love A League of Their Own. My husband was in that movie! Some of it was filmed in our little city, Evansville, IN. (Madonna hated our town-who cares), and my husband was an extra. He actually had a "walk-on" part, he is a sailor "walking" up and down the baseball stadium during a game. I was out of town when it was filmed.