Sunday, April 17, 2005

Great Weekend!

If you can believe it, I forgot my memory card this weekend! I may have more pictures later, as one of the woomen there promised to email pictures from her camera. But, we had a blast! There were only 8 of us there (compared to 30 in November!). I finished up my Sweatshirt Jacket, and made a neat wall hanging that will probably go in the living room. Here is a shot - please ignore how tired I am in the photo...

wknd Posted by Hello

I returned home to find that Aaron stopped by an estate sale and got me this:

sewingmachine! Posted by Hello

It's a Singer Treadle sewing machine! Can you believe it!? And, it seems like it even works. I'll figure that part out later. Even if it doesn't - it looks beautiful.



OH My G!!! It's gorgeous, the sewing machine too. I have just gone through all my quilting fabrics and destashed a lot. But I still have magazines to destash. Are you and your friends interested in BH&G quilting magazines. The one with the yearly Sampler?