Thursday, April 21, 2005

Insert interesting title here

Not like any of my other posts have had riveting titles, but for some reason I just couldn't come up with one today. Sue me.

I'm been slowly plodding along with the flame cardigan. The reason I'm not solely knitting on it is two-fold. One - I have to do some major re-work once I get to the sleeves, since I've increased the largest size of the sweater by 8 inches. Two - I have a sneaking suspicion that I'm going to run out of yarn. Anybody have some Marks and Kattens Bomull (50% wool, 50% cotton - color 1501, lot 5808?) I'm actually even willing do consider a different lot at this point, and get inventive! So - here the the progress:

flame Posted by Hello

I'm about 10 rows into the first 24 row repeat. I decided to pretty much do the pattern my own way - 3 inches of ribbing instead of 6 (not a flattering look for me), I'm doing the ribbing and the body all in one piece (the pattern calls for knitting them separately and then attaching with crochet) and doing plain stockinette stitch on the back. I'm liking this a lot - and think it would be even better with flame buttons - anyone know where to get those?

In wallpaper removal news, I did ALMOST finish last night. My process has been to score the paper with a 'Paper Tiger' and then spray on Dif (a wallpaper glue remover gel). I then see if the paper is going to come off easy, and if not, use the wallpaper steamer. The problem with using the steamer is that the wall was not treated BEFORE putting up the wallpaper - so the wallboard gets wet, and gets easily ruined. Last's night 'session' actally went well. I guess that area that Aaron and I worked on Tuesday was just a bad one. I have a 3 X 5 foot area to go - and plan on doing that tonight!



I'm still on ribbing, but I may take your idea and cut it off sooner. I planned to do the 6", but maybe 4" would work as well. It's hard to visualize where it's going to hit me, or even where I want it to.