Saturday, March 05, 2005

Secret Pal Strikes Again!

Yet again, she strikes at the perfect time! Things around here are a little tense, with the constant home improvements, and not so much time for either of us to do our relaxing hobbies. We did get a lot done today, but more than a few harsh words were exchanged. We really need a break.

And, I got a 'mini-break' from my SP4! Look at all the great stuff! She made me an AWESOME flame felted bag with beaded handles (which took it's first turn out in public at Home Depot this evening), a fun sheepy pen, yummy Almond Crunch AND chocolates, some beautiful handpainted Wildfoote sock yarn, and a load of her favorite recipes that I know I just have to try.

Secret Pal Strikes Again! Posted by Hello

I think I'm going to log of the computer, run a hot bath, and get to bed early. Tomorrow, I have my Ethnic Folk Knitting class at Webs. And no, I didn't make it to the armpit of the sweater. I'm a bad girl.