Thursday, March 03, 2005

Is it Friday yet?

Guess not.

With all of this stuff going on at the new place, I live for the weekends - wanting to get stuff unpacked and more livable.... but also to get some 'relax' time. Because, when I get home, I don't just sit and knit like I used to, I'm picking up things, organizing my closet, unpacking, moving furniture.

The best news is that the office will be ready on Tuesday to finally move into. That is a huge amount of boxes that we will finally be able to unpack, desks can be setup, and my poor little fish can move from the kitchen counter into the office. And it means that I will be able to get back to putting more pictures in my blog! For some reason, without a desk to work off of, I haven't been putting as many pictures up as I used to.

Last night I had my quilt class with my buddies, and I did manage to get my Sweatshirt Jacket finished. It is insane! The colors are super bright. The only part I'm not please with is the collar... but I don't know what it do with right now. If I remember, I'll post a picture tonight.