Sunday, March 06, 2005

Oh! A Butterfly!

OK - see below a picture of the 'butterflies'. Laurie has decided that is what we should call ourselves after our latest trip to Webs, and the Ethnic Folk knitting class. I think I've described our group before as like 'trying to herd cats' - but the butterfly is a better visual! From left to right: Sue, Tarsha, Me and Laurie

Butterflys Posted by Hello

We had a great time. Learned a little bit about steeking, and bought a bunch of yarn. I got a great cone of bright pink laceweight yarn for a shawl, some wonderful bright lettuce green yarn for a scarf for me and another yarn called 'Pleasure' to make a scarf for Aaron. I also made a LOT of progress on my second Sockapalooza sock - turned the heel, maybe I'll be done with that soon.

Non-knitting excitement - the house is in really good shape, we even have the desks up in the office, and the boxes out of the dining room. Feels good to be a little more organized!