Thursday, March 24, 2005

More snow and a puppy

Last night was my quilt class. I didn't really have a project in mind, so I brought my Block of The Month stuff from Quilter's Way. The blocks started in June of last year (!!!) and before last night, I'd only made one block. I'm glad that I decided to do that, because now I have three done, and the patterns and colors that they have picked are really great... it's inspired me to get going on finishing up the blocks that I'm behind on.

If you can believe it, we got more snow last night. I'm start to lose my love for winter, and REALLY crave some motorcycle riding. Winter has totally worn out it's welcome in my house.

The only other news (which is not knitting related) is that we are now officially getting our new puppy! Since we passed on that little guy who was ready to go home on March 11th, I've been looking for other litters. I was first in line for a little that was supposed to be born on April 1st, but the breeder called me and told me that her dog had 're-absorbed' the puppies. Sounds gross, but is apparently common. I was calling around, and found a woman in Western Mass whose dog was just ready to give birth, and got on her list. She called me on Monday night to tell me that Penny (her dog) had given birth to 6 puppies, and I could chose between a brindle or fawn male. Our current boxer, Abby, is a brindle, and I'm pretty partial to that coloring - so Aaron and I decided that he would be ours. We are planning on calling him Henry, and will get to bring him home on May 14th. We are very excited!