Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Knitting and Home improvement

Last night was low key. I got home, and first did some work on the McGraw scarf (from Berroco #221 - with the Pleasure yarn). That is turning out really nice, and the yarn is SO wonderful. This is for Aaron for his birthday, so I need to decide if I will fringe it or not... since if he really is going to wear it - he won't want fringe. But it is goes the way of most knitting items, I'll wear it more than him. Hmmmm....

McGraw Posted by Hello

Then, I got a little restless, and Aaron and I decided to finally install the new faucet in the master bathroom. That was funny. And gross. 30 years of nasty buildup. But now we have a one handle faucet - no more burning or freezing my hand off in the morning. Abby couldn't understand what the heck we were doing - sticking our heads under the sink... she had this exact look on her face the whole time we worked:

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no fringie the scarfie. that's like homer buying marge a bowling ball that says 'homer' on it. ;-)


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