Wednesday, March 16, 2005

I've been tracking...

my Pal's socks. And they are on the truck for delivery! In CA! Whooo hooo! Hope she likes them - can't wait to hear.

No real knitting news. We've been busy with other stuff here... Aaron has been trying to sell his car for a few MONTHS, and finally sold it this weekend. So, we spent Monday night driving to pick up his new car, and then driving to drop off the old car with the new owner. That pretty much took all night, and I was silly, and brought the little baby sweater with me. Too hard to knit with that dark, sport weight yarn on slippery turbo addi needles.

Last night, I had a few girlfriends over for dinner, and I had fun showing off the house, making a yummy dinner, and just plain gossiping.

And tonight, I have a massage! Maybe after that, I'll get to knit a bit.

Added later:
To my commenters! I finally have a few comments to respond to - which is great fun.

Alison - thanks for the kind words on my socks - hope my Pal feels the same way!
Cate - How random is that? I left a comment on your blog!
Julie - There is a published pattern, and it's free. Just go to yahoo and join the OpalChatters group. If you don't want a lot of new e-mails, just sign up as 'no mail'. Go to the files section, and the pattern is in the folder called 'I Rule the Galaxy' - it's the Party Ants pattern.



Socks are en route to you as we speak my dear! I'd expect them tomorrow as they didn't have far to travel!!