Monday, March 14, 2005

Finished Sockapalooza Socks!

I had a very 'knitterly' weekend. First thing, I finished my socks for my Pal!

done! Posted by Hello

Lorna's Laces, Amethyst Stripe
Needles: Size 1
Pattern: Party Ants (free pattern from the Opal Chatters Yahoo Group)

I've made these socks for me (out of Opal) and love the pattern. I wish that the yarn was a little more 'stripey' - as the chevron stitch pattern makes them look really cool. It's an easy and fun pattern - using a great sock yarn - I'm sure I'll make another pair.

I did cast on for Devan from Knitty - finished the fronts, the arms and started the back. Gotta love how quickly baby stuff knits up! Pictures of that tomorrow.



Great socks! You're right that that chevron pattern looks really cool with the stripes. Neat!

Congrats on being all done. Just in time. ;0)


Hi CeCe!

I followed this link from the Alison's Sockapalooza update, and I thought...those socks look familiar...where have I seen them before...????

At Ethnic I!

Just wanted to say hi online--see you at our next class. I have much knitting to do--nowhere near the armholes, but getting these socks out the door won't hurt...



I love those socks! Is there a link to the pattern?