Thursday, March 31, 2005

An interview...

So. I have no exciting knitting content today. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to put a percentage bar (you know, the ones that show progress on your different WIPs?) on my sidebar. Still haven't figured it out - so if some very kind, better at HTML than me blogger wants to give a girl a hand, that would be awesome. I have the code, but it isn't showing up when I put it there - and at the same time, changes the whole font of my blog to SUPER SMALL.

I was reading Cari's blog this morning... and saw some interview questions. I know I've signed up for this game somewhere, but at this point, I don't remember. I figured I'd answer the same questions she asked Meleah:

1. Congratulations! You’ve won that $100 drawing on KnitPicks. What do you buy with it? Some of that wonderful lace yarn, the Alpaca Cloud. Don't know what color, though.

2. Can you think of anything funnier than a herd of corgis running? (I can’ maybe a herd of dachshunds...) What’s the funniest dog story you’ve got? When Abby was a little boxer puppy, she was a huge barrel of energy. And I was single. So, for the first 6 months of my life with her involved me basically walking her or bringing her to the park at all times. One day, I decided that she was napping soundly enough, and I left her in the living room of my tiny 500 square foot apartment, while I went to take a bath. Things were blissfully quiet the whole time I was relaxing in the tub. Then, little Abby runs into the bathroom with a piece of purple yarn dangling from her mouth! Turns out, she was only quiet because she had spent the last 20 minute wrapping that ball of yarn (which was attached to a sweater) around every piece of furniture in the house.

Since I didn't catch her doing it (you know those dog training rules - if you don't catch them in the act, they don't know what you are yelling about)... I calmly put my clothes on... carried her to my car... drove her to doggie daycare... explained what happened and left her there for a few days. It took my something like 2 hours to unravel all the yarn. I couldn't just cut it apart either - I was low on yarn.

Think I can do that when we have kids and they drive me nuts?!

3. Fill in the blank. “If someone told me ten years ago that I’d be doing ...... today, I would have laughed my ass off.” Software Quality Assurance for a bank(aka the most boring, stressful, non-creative job on the planet).

4. You can have one room of a house entirely for yourself. It doesn’t have to be your house, or a house that actually exists. What does the room look like, what do you put in it, and what will you do there? It would be a room with windows on 3 sides. Floor to ceiling windows that overlook a lake. There is an endless pool - one of the kind that switches from the swimming treadmill to a jacuzzi. There is a nice, leather recliner which faces a plasma tv. There is a wall of yarn (the one wall without the windows).. and also a great sewing machine, and a cutting table that is the 'right' height (i.e I can cut fabric without hurting my back). And big jade plants everywhere.

5. What does the smell of fresh-cut grass remind you of? How about the smell of frying eggs? Fresh cut grass reminds me of my old summer job when I worked on a road crew. That was an AWESOME job. And then frying eggs - that reminds me of lazy Saturday morning, when Aaron brings me breakfast in bed.

Yep. He's a keeper.



Hey, I misplaced your e-mail. Just wanted to let you know that your interview questions are up ( Sorry it took me so long, I got really sick.


Mmmm... That alpaca cloud stuff is yummy. I just ordered two skeins of it the other day...