Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Two KAL's began...

in one day!

I did manage to get a small (read 7 rows on one sleeve) start on the Mariah KAL. Even though it is a small start - I'm loving the yarn (Cascade Pima Silk) and the color (Kiwi Green). I used to HATE green, but one can only knit so many purple sweaters, right?

The other KAL is with my pals at the World in Stitches S&B. They get together every Tuesday night to have dinner and knit. I try to get there every week - but lately, other things have been getting the way (mostly house buying and the pattern drafting class). In December - we all decided to do the Son of A.R.A.N sweater together - a pattern which walks you through designing your own Aran sweater.

Last night was for measuring (and yes, we all got a great laugh about Boob Size) and swatching. I never swatch. I just do the sleeves first for my sweaters, and use those as a swatch. I know it's wrong. I don't need the lecture. So - we only got the filler swatch done - we still need to decide on the main center cable pattern. They suggest Honeycomb stitch, but we all agree that isn't our favorite... and therefore have to be different and change it up.

That is for next week. I even left the needles and the yarn in my drawer at the store- I need to finish packing this weekend! We close next Friday! OMG!!