Monday, January 31, 2005

Lots of pictures

Well - I got my camera out tonight! Here is all the stuff I've been working on, but have been too lazy to take pictures of. First, is the baby sweater I made for my work friend. This pattern is really the best for a quick little baby girl gift.

3 Hour Baby Sweater Posted by Hello
This is the first Sockapalooza sock. I'm not loving it yet, but the pattern is fun to make, at least.

First Sockapalooza Sock Posted by Hello
And then, for anyone who knows me, is a sweater that was truly a labor of love. The pattern is from the magazine Knit It! (which I bought in a weak moment - it's filled with novelty yarn and poncho patterns) I hate these colors (which my Mom specifically asked for). I hate sewing in zippers(which I forced myself to do tonight). It's for my mom for her birthday, and she will absolutely LOVE it. And I love her, so here it is.

Mom's Birthday Sweater Posted by Hello