Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Spackling Hell

Ok. At first it was kind of fun. Then it got tedious. Now, it's misery. Thankfully, I'm almost done - but I've only made it around 1/2 of the living room with the spackling.


The good news is that the bedroom and bathroom are totally sanded and done.

Everyone is blogging about how great their Valentine's day was. Aaron completely forgot. With good reason (we are SO busy with both house work and normal work), but I have to admit, I was disappointed. I managed in my insanely busy day (getting up early, packing the car with artwork that the movers won't touch, going to work, getting a space heater from my friend, picking up a prescription and then going to the paint store and THEN to the house) to get him a card and some M&Ms....

At first I was really ticked off, but now I just keep on harassing him about it.

Tonight, I'm meeting my friend Anne at Calico Corners to look at fabric for curtains. Then, it's back to the house for more spackling. And sanding. The end is near....