Monday, February 14, 2005

Lots of progress!

Well, it was a pretty exciting and busy weekend. The closing went without a hitch, and the minute we had the keys in hand, we went over and started 'making it our own'.

Here is the list if everything that is now officially done:

1. The crappy fake floor and dropped ceiling in the basement are totally GONE. It looks awesome.
2. A new steel firedoor has been installed in the basement (to walk into the garage)
3. The chair rails in the bedroom (yes - there were chair rails in the bedroom. WTF?) are off the wall. That involved also ripping off the trim around the windows in the master bedroom.
4. Aaron installed the new trim around the master bedroom windows.
5. The wallpaper in the master bedroom (one layer), the master bath (5 layers!) and the living room (2 layers) is gone. That was a pain in the ass, but not as horrible as everyone said it would be.
6. The scratches and holes I made in the walls while removing the wallpaper are spackled in the bathroom and bedroom.
7. The carpet in the master bedroom has been ripped up and throw in the dumpster.

We also went to Home Depot and got a rug to replace the bedroom rug. The guy in the rug department convinced me that we could easily do that installation ourselves. We shall see - but it does save us something like $700. Could be interesting.

Tonight we go back to the house, and we'll sand down the spots I spackled, and also get going on spackling the living room. It all needs to be ready in time for Aaron's uncle to paint it towards the middle of the week.

In knitting news, I did do a little bit on the fairisle sweater. But not much, because I was SO tired and my hands were hurting after all that work.