Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Clearing my head

Before we started this 'house thing', my life would go like this:

Get up
Shower/get dressed/play with dog/make coffee
Drive to work
Go to gym
go home
play with dog/make dinner/watch TV
Got to bed, read
Sleep. Blissfully. Fall asleep right away. Sleep all night long.
Wake up when the alarm clock goes off, hit snooze for a good 40 minutes.

My life now:

Get up. Early. With no wonderful snoozing.
Shower/pack crap in car that doesn't fit nicely in boxes while dog (who expects to get play time) follows around underfoot, with what seems like the only goal is to trip and injure me, therefore forcing me to stay home with her all day.
Drive to work, making stops at the {insert home improvement type store here} store
Leave work, driving straight to new house, making any other stops that I didn't make in the morning.
Get to new house, unpack car of crap.
Wait for husband to arrive with more crap and dog (who expects to play)
Spackle (with helpful dog underfoot, wanting to give me her toy.).
Leave house at 9 PM, forgetting that all take out food places out here in the 'burb's close at 9. Order Dominos for the 7th time this week.
Go home, wait the 40 minutes until the pizza arrives.
Eat pizza
Collapse into bed, thinking you are too tired to knit or read, and then stay awake the majority of the night, thinking of things that you should/did/will do at the new house.

What have I learned from this?

That knitting, while I've always known this in the back of my head, is not only a hobby. It helps me unwind from a crazy day. It's what I look forward to on my drive home. It soothes me when I'm nervous, and makes me feel like I'm accomplishing some thing when everything seems overwhelming.

I can't wait until this move is officially over, and I can sneak in some more knitting time!

Valentine's Day update. Aaron went out yesterday, and got me 4 heart boxes of chocolates. And a Valentine's day card. And a super cute 'I'm Sorry' card. Perfect.

House update. Last night, I got some AWESOME fabric for the curtains for the living room, master bedroom, and master bath. (I would take pictures, but I didn't. Maybe next week). I also cleaned the walls in the living room of all the wallpaper glue, and did more spackling. Tonight we are going to stay as late as it takes to get everything done that needs to be done by the move in date... which is the spackling and sanding (and cleaning up after the spackling and sanding).

Tomorrow night, we won't even go to the house. We'll stay up as late as we need to to get the current place ready to move out of.

Maybe I'll get to knit on Saturday?!