Monday, February 28, 2005


Unfortunately, I can't do the before and after thing, because I can't locate the before pictures. BUT. Envision a room with yellow, textured wallpaper. Dark wood trim. A dirty, grey ceiling.... and now! Behold!

living room Posted by Hello

Lots of work went into removing that wallpaper, let me tell you. The picture doesn't show them that well, but I also made the curtains. I did a really simple design - two really bright quilt fabrics sewed together like big pillows, and then hung using ring clips. I love the way they turned out.

The other big news here at the new digs is that Aaron laid a hardwood floor in the den this weekend! It looks awesome (if you ignore the fake wood paneling on the walls). When he asked me what I thought, I said "It looks like real hardwood!" (which it is - he gave me many dirty looks for that comment)

Aaron's hardwood Posted by Hello

And finally, a RAOK. My friend Amanda made me this super beautiful bracelet, and I had to show it off:

Bracelet Posted by Hello

In other crafty news, I also completed the Roman Shades for the Master bedroom and bathroom. What a PIA (pain in the ass). There is more than just sewing involved with those puppies... but I'm liking them now that I am done! No longer do I feel exposed to the whole neighborhood when I get dressed in the morning! Maybe a picture of those tomorrow.

I picked up my finished Star Sampler, and it looks awesome. I promptly brought it over to show Mary - who will be 'storing' it for me on her son's twin bed until we have a twin bed to put it on.

And in knitting news - I did make a bit of progress on the Fairisle sweater - but I have my doubts I'll be to the armpit on Sunday (which is the next class... getting to the armpit was the homework assignment).