Friday, February 25, 2005


Aaron and I started to put our living room and bedroom together today. Once that is done, I'll post some before and after pictures, so your guys can appreciate what we have done! But, last night I made dinner, we sat together and ate it, and I then got my yarn, sat down in the recliner and knit.

What am I knitting? Not my Fairisle Sweater. Not the Mariah. Or the Sockapaloza Sock. I started the Flower Basket Shawl from IK, using the yarn my secret Pal 4 sent me! Which started me thinking of the other great things she included in my package, so I put down my knitting, tromped up the stairs, and took a nice hot bath.

In reading news, I just finished the book Smashed. This girl is actually a friend of my cousin, Lexi. Although I didn't drink in High School, I did do my fair share of drinking in college and the first few years in the working world. It is very interesting to read such a frank story of what from a girl who, from the outside, seems like a 'nice girl'. Thankfully, I never had any of the bad drinking experiences that she did... but can quickly remember people I went to school with who did. I think this is a must read for all mothers and also young girls. A great book.

I promise some pictures this weekend. Once I unpack the cable for the camera.