Monday, January 31, 2005

Gift knitting

This weekend, I ended up spending a lot of time knitting for other people. I finished the Bling Bling scarf (I took a picture - just didn't put it up, whoops *added later - scarf is below) for Annie, finished sewing together my mother's birthday sweater, and I also made that 5-hour baby sweater (which took me 3 hours, thank you very much). AND I finished one Sockapalooza sock!

I should really take some pictures.

But - I still need to get a ribbon to finish off the baby sweater, and a zipper to finish off my mothers, so those aren't officially done yet.

This weekend was a flurry of activity... as Aaron and I saw a Boxer that was in rescue - your heart would break to hear his story (basically, he was tied to the steering wheel of an abandoned car for 2 years. WHY DO PEOPLE DO THAT!?). He is a super sweet dog, but he was never socialized with other dogs, so had no idea how to play. He did not get along with Abby at all, and definitely needs to be an 'only' dog. So, now Aaron and I are considering a puppy - but that's a ways off! Puppies are SO much work.

We did a lot of packing also. Tonight, my goal is to finish my yarn room, and then I will allow myself to start the Mariah... and actually - I think that is an obtainable goal. I packed my desk and most of my yarn this weekend, and sorted out my WIP basket (which was a big tangle) - so just a little bit more to go.