Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Is this thing on?

I know, I know. Awful knit blogger. I swear, I knit, but the time I have to dedicate to taking pictures and blogging is low. And the progress I make is so slow, that it would be like watching paint dry for everyone! I did finish a few things lately - a couple hats and some mittens for the kids, a sweater for Maggie and then - a sweater for ME! I still need to sew the zipper in, but it's the Eileen Cardigan I started for Rhinebeck in 2009. Love it.

What brought me back to writing here, was for the first time in a long time, I saw a sample in a yarn store and I just HAD to knit it. The sweater is Halo made out of JoJo Land Rhythm and Baritone.

When you look at the sweater (I'm knitting it in the exact same colorways) - it's hard to figure out how the color work is done - and it's all achieved by a fun self-striping yarn and tiny little shapes knit separately! I freaking LOVE it. Here is my progress so far - crappy iPhone picture, but you get the idea.

The sweater is a 'one-size-fits-all' size, and that isn't super true - so I've up sized it a little bit just by going up a needle size.After I finish each little section, I weave in all the ends so it isn't a freaking nightmare at the end. But it's a happy little (well, actually daunting - I think I need to make 60 or so of these octagons, and then there are the little triangles in between each row) project that I'm enjoying.

I used to be all about cranking out finished things, but now, as my knitting time is more precious, I finding myself looking for patterns I truly enjoy that will produce a very special finished product.



that's really lovely. I'm doing the Kudo shrug/vest. I'm on a finishing tangent, let's hope it lasts for about 20 years, as that's the amount of time needed to finish everything....I think.